crawl dungeon -

vector engine for the walls/floors/ceilings. coordinate-based procedure, worse-than-SMT visuals; movement indications will be big arrows which appear on screen for a few frames rather than any type of animation. polygon geometry filled with simple 8x8 textures and with associated palettes. floor or ceiling can be hidden on each tile. if a floor is hidden, it cant be moved to without flight, you can't drop items there and its item inventory appears pinned to the ceiling.

cells have 3x3 inventory grid. if the centre tile is filled, nothing can be dropped there. obstacle items appear only in centre inventory tiles. debris and decor items appear in this inventory and usually cannot be picked up.

battles phase out into turn-based system (game has no real time elements). party consists of eight characters, two of which you design yourself and six of which you hire with a budget. four characters are lead ops, the other four remotes who do not appear in combat. ops and remote abilities have functions both in combat and in dungeon. combat occurs not at random but after the player has been chased down by whoever's territory they're in. certain abilities can prevent or delay this, or invite it with you in an advantageous position in the fight. "steal" type abilities are useful when you're being closely followed but not yet threatened - mugging critical items from your pursuers ruins their morale and delays combat as well as giving you an eq advantage. your main character has magical ability; none of the others do. certain enemies also have access to magical abilities.

The plot is kinda like: your MC put together a mission to break into a building called Spearmint Tower, under which is rumoured to be an ancient hidden worship place called a wraeum. this proves to be true but it's far better guarded than you thought and you end up prisoners of the wraeum and of the boss of the tower. Your remote picks a perfect opportunity to cause some chaos, a perfect chance for you to escape, but now you're half a mile below ground with no obvious way of getting back to the surface without some serious dungeon crawling. and on your way up you plan to grab as much evidence as possible. (once you reach ground level you can optionally choose to ascend the tower and kill the boss!)